Just released! Check out the NextGen Illinois report on policy priorities for our state.

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Create a new government for Illinois.

Join NextGen Illinois to learn about the most important issues facing Illinois: health care, education, the environment, jobs, and civil rights. Think of ways to change or improve Illinois’ democratic systems, from the inner workings of government to fair elections and civic innovation. Share your values for state government with young people all over the state, tell us what you think are the biggest problems facing Illinois, and help create potential policy solutions.

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Get involved locally.

See what young people are talking about near you! These small-group, in-person discussions were hosted all over the state from May 2014 through September 2014 to gather young people’s input on their values for state government, the biggest problems they face, and policy solutions that will help our state. Want to keep the discussion going? Host another near you.

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See the results of our big event.

On September 27, young people from all across Illinois came together for a state convention to vote on a youth-led agenda for the state. The agenda was created from the ideas submitted on the NextGen IL forum this summer. We are now working to deliver our policy agenda to decision-makers, along with the message that thousands of young, active, and informed voters are paying attention and committed to building a better Illinois. Help us share the agenda with your elected officials today!

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Find an organization and get involved.

NextGen IL is led by Young Invincibles and the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network. Additionally, non-profit organizations and student groups from all over the state are contributing to NextGen IL by holding caucuses, reaching out to young people, and helping to turn your awesome ideas into a policy agenda we can all be proud of. Find out more about these groups, the work they do, and how you can get involved.

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