See the results of our big event.

On September 27, young people from all across Illinois came together for a state convention to vote on a youth-led agenda for the state. The agenda was created from the ideas submitted on the NextGen IL forum this summer. We are now working to deliver our policy agenda to decision-makers, along with the message that thousands of young, active, and informed voters are paying attention and committed to building a better Illinois. Help us share the agenda with your elected officials today!


See the results of our big event.

At a first-of-its-kind Millennial-driven Convention in Chicago on Saturday, September 27th young people concerned about major issues facing the state, such as unemployment, civil rights and rising education costs, came together and voted on a policy agenda for 2015 to address these problems, and more.

Read the NextGen
Illinois report here

A Millennial-Driven Policy Platform for 2015

  • Employment: Raise the minimum wage & index it to inflation
  • Health: Fund a trauma center for gun violence victims on the South & West sides of Chicago
  • Environment: Create tax incentives for companies to increase energy efficiency & create or use renewable energy
  • Education: Provide equitable public school funding by reforming or rethinking local property tax distribution
  • Civil Rights: Prohibit the imprisonment of first-time nonviolent offenders, & decrease the sentences of past marijuana offenders
  • Civic Innovation: Integrate civic innovation into the K-12 curriculum by teaching how to use government data to solve community problems
  • Legislative Reform: Change the procedure for drawing legislative district boundaries to give everyone equal representation
  • Judicial Reform: Limit the caseloads of public defenders, allowing them more time to focus on each case
  • Executive Reform: Create stricter rules to decrease the influence of lobbyists, like a waiting period between working in government & lobbying
  • Fair Elections: Require candidates to receive funds only from Illinois residents & limit contribution amounts
Help turn these ideas into something real. Help show Illinois’ elected officials that young have great ideas for improving our state.

Next Steps for the NextGen Illinois Agenda


Meet the many great community organizers and advocacy groups who are working on NextGen IL issues. Find out how you can work with them to advance the NextGenIL agenda.


Be a part of election day to the polls. Voting gives us the power to hold our representatives accountable and 2014. Pledge to vote, volunteer, or bring friends and family.


Talk to your state representatives and local government officials about the NextGen Illinois Agenda. Ask what they will do to work towards change. Find my legislator.