Get involved locally.

See what young people are talking about near you! These small-group, in-person discussions were hosted all over the state from May 2014 through September 2014 to gather young people’s input on their values for state government, the biggest problems they face, and policy solutions that will help our state. Want to keep the discussion going? Host another near you.

Join Us

Logan Square Neighborhood Association Caucus

1:00-1:30       Registration and Food

1:30-2:00       Presentation and Student Testimonies

2:00-3:30       Breakout and community circle discussions

•          Opening Reading: Prayer for First Day of CPS

•          Circle Question: How did this piece speak to you, your life and your    experience in school?

•          Circle Question: What should be the purpose of discipline in schools?

•          Circle Question: Are there bad students at KPHS?

•          Presentation and brainstorm on supportive discipline policies

3:-30-4:00     Report back from breakout groups and closing