Get involved locally.

See what young people are talking about near you! These small-group, in-person discussions were hosted all over the state from May 2014 through September 2014 to gather young people’s input on their values for state government, the biggest problems they face, and policy solutions that will help our state. Want to keep the discussion going? Host another near you.

Join Us

Civic Innovation Public Caucus

Join us as the Next Gen IL project co-hosts a Civic Innovation Caucus with our good friends at Civic Lab. The Next Gen IL project engages young people (18-34) throughout the state to identify policy solutions to the problems they face in their community.

Just a small sample of the questions we'll be discussing include: 

1. How can we make IL government more accountable and transparent? 2. How can we use technology to increase citizens’ participation in the government? 3. How can we use civic innovation to get voices heard from a diversity of communities?

Food will be provided for the event but it will be first come, first served.